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Adidas is a well-known brand featuring sporty and simple. It is popular not only for professional athletes, but also for amateur sports enthusiasts and the general public due to its high visibility and good feeling. The logo has a simple three-way line. In particular, there are many popular products in sneakers with sports shoes as the main focus, but jerseys and bags are also sporty and easy to move, which has earned a high reputation from users. The reuse products market is often traded in sneakers, jerseys and T-shirts. Sneakers and sports shoes are a lot of low-cut ones, and the one of the high cut is originally few, so there are not a lot of numbers which are in the reuse market, but because it is an interesting product to see the commitment of the person in charge such as whether to bend it and to wear it as it is, the sticking sect is an item of the attention of the attention. There are few used clothes for KIDS compared to adults, but they are on the market. You can buy jerseys and shoes together, and enjoy sports on holidays.