Refund policy

Due to the characteristics of used goods, we do not accept returns in principle.
It will be the correspondence only if there is a following deficiency.
Thank you for your understanding.

  1. When the product with a different size notation of the manufacturer arrives
    (E.g. size S and description, but actually received the product of size M)

  2. if there is no description in the product information and there is no damage that is not fine
    (E.g., there was a tear of about 5cm not described)

  3. If the color notation is obviously different
    (E.g. black and there was a description, but the product of white arrived)

  4. When you receive a completely different product from the one you purchased
    (E.g. I should have asked for sneakers, but the bag arrived)

    If more than 7 days have passed after receipt, you will not be able to accept the return.
    The stock becomes only one point and will be accepted by the return at the time of correspondence.