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Y-3 Weisley is a brand that has attracted worldwide attention by combining fashion and sports at a high level. In 2002, we welcomed Yoji Yamamoto as creative director and was born in 2002 as a fashion brand for men's and women's that combines adidas' knowledge and skills in the sports field. Y-3 (Weisley) offers a wide range of items ranging from sportswear to fashion wear, footwear, bags and accessories. The charm of the Y-3 (Weisley) is based on the black that Yohji Yamamoto is good at, and it is an acinmetry and stylish design that incorporates the cutting edge of the trend. With the advent of Y-3 (Weisley), we have realized the most fashionable sportswear ever before. Many entertainers and athletes are used by Y-3 Weisley, and this brand is expected to expand further not only in Japan but also from all over the world in the future.